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Client Testimonials

Angie G
Angie GOperations Manager
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"We knew that cyber security was an issue for our business, but we didn’t know what to do. Simple Plan IT helped us to identify our vulnerabilities and provided us with solutions to resolve them."
Marcus E
Marcus ECOO
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"Thanks to A-Jay and his team, cyber security is now a regular talking point around our office. Success on all accounts. Thanks"
Alex L
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"We had been wanting to look into our cyber security risk for some time. After A-Jay completed the vulnerability assessment, it was clear where we needed to focus our attention. Highly recommended for anyone concerned about cybersecurity"
Michael J
Michael JCEO
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"This is the best thing. Forget the sliced bread. This program has created a fun and dynamic culture around cyber awareness."
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We offer your client peace of mind with a US-based security operations center, virtual chief information officer services, and protection against hackers, viruses and data breaches.

Our Mission

Business technology is confusing. Our mission is to take the confusion out of IT & prove to business leaders that investing in new technology can be practical, effective, & stress-free.

SimpleplanIT is a client-centric technology partner that prioritizes trust, transparency, and communication above all else. We don’t succeed unless the technology we put into place helps you succeed.

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