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Our trusted security specialists are highly trained to ensure your business is compliant with any regulation you must follow.

Audit Readiness

Are you preparing for your first audit? Our team conducts readiness assessments for organizations that are new to the process of getting certified. We help you to put the necessary controls in place that will allow your firm to confidently face any audit.


You collect, store, transmit and process sensitive information about your clients as part of your daily operations. Therefore, you are required to establish security controls that will mitigate the risk of this information being accessed or misused by unauthorized personnel. We help you to establish these procedures, implement security safeguards and provide documentation for the required annual compliance audit.



Meeting the strict PCI DSS standards can be overwhelming. Our team of Qualified Security Assessors (QSA’s) are here to simplify that process for you. Our team will evaluate your internal policies, system management, software designs and network architecture to ensure that you have the necessary security measures in place to protect your client’s sensitive information. We will help you determine if your company qualifies for certain Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs), or if you are required to have a quarterly vulnerability scan.

Sarbanes Oxley

Simple Plan IT and our partner have helped small and large corporations come up with strategic solutions to generate value while maintaining compliance. Rather than just meeting the minimum requirements, our goal is to help you to increase your operational workflow while strengthening your security posture.



Landing federal contracts can be a valuable source of revenue to a business. Previously, those contracts came with the daunting responsibility of meeting the security requirements outlined in NIST 800-171 in order to protect the CUI that has been entrusted to you. Now organizations are preparing for the regulations and audits that are required by the CMMC. Simple Plan IT can assist with getting the required audit completed and help to remediate any issues that are discovered during the process. 

GDPR Compliance

If your company provides a service or product to a resident of any country with the European Union, then it is important that you understand the impacts of GDPR. Going through the 200 pages of requirements that comprise the 91 articles can be intimidating at best. We will simplify the process by helping you to understand and meet the GDPR requirements that will have an impact on your business.