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About Us

Our trusted security specialists are here to help you identify and mitigate any security risks that your business may be facing

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Our Story

After working with businesses of all sizes and industries, one thing became abundantly clear – many business leaders did not understand technology well enough to evaluate the solutions they were purchasing. Many invested in solutions that didn’t support their needs. In 2012, Simple Plan IT was birthed from a simple desire – to help business leaders maximize their investment in technology solutions.

Business leaders needed someone that would sit beside them during their vendor meetings to ensure that the technology solutions that they were putting in place aligned with the strategic goals that they had for their business. As we worked to fill that gap, we soon became the trusted technology advisors for these businesses. Driven by those same desires, today we help businesses of all sizes and in 7 different countries, to stay secure and strategically use technology to increase the efficiency and revenue of their business.

Our Mission

Business technology is confusing. Our mission is to take the confusion out of IT & prove to business leaders that investing in new technology can be practical, effective, & stress-free.

Simple Plan IT is a client-centric technology partner that
prioritizes trust, transparency, and communication above all else. We don’t succeed unless the technology we put into place helps you succeed.

Letter from the CEO

A-Jay Orr

A-Jay Orr

CEO & Founder

Let me start by saying thank you for considering Simple Plan IT to assist you with your technology needs. We understand that technology can be confusing. We also understand how making the wrong investment in a technology solution can have a catastrophic impact on a business in this fast-paced digital world that we live in. Our goal is to make IT simple for you and your organization. Over the years we’ve seen how putting the right technology solution in place, has allowed our clients to increase their revenue, streamline their operations and eliminate the concern of data breaches.
We believe that technology should be a strategic asset to your business rather than an expensive liability. Making that switch starts with having a Simple Plan to manage your IT and digital risk. We look forward to helping you to create that plan.

Client Testimonials

Angie G
Angie GOperations Manager
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"We knew that cyber security was an issue for our business, but we didn’t know what to do. Simple Plan IT helped us to identify our vulnerabilities and provided us with solutions to resolve them."
Marcus E
Marcus ECOO
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"Thanks to A-Jay and his team, cyber security is now a regular talking point around our office. Success on all accounts. Thanks"
Alex L
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"We had been wanting to look into our cyber security risk for some time. After A-Jay completed the vulnerability assessment, it was clear where we needed to focus our attention. Highly recommended for anyone concerned about cybersecurity"
Michael J
Michael JCEO
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"This is the best thing. Forget the sliced bread. This program has created a fun and dynamic culture around cyber awareness."