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The New Way to Fight Off Cyber Threats

Cybercrime has quickly become a trillion-dollar industry, and it’s projected to keep growing. As a group of technology professionals and project managers, this statistic baffled us.

If you know that people are trying to steal from you, why not do a better job protecting yourself?

Filled with curiosity, we embarked on a quest to find out why this was so difficult. After working with clients and talking to business owners and industry leaders, we discovered numerous contributing factors. Among them, four things really stood out to us. Businesses were miserably failing the SATS.
  • Speed to respond: The average data breach goes undetected for 206 days
  • Adapting to change: A new virus is created every 4.2 seconds
  • Total protection: Hackers aren’t just targeting computer systems
  • Skills and Time: There's a global shortage of security professionals
Unable to find a solution that adequately addressed these three areas, we decided to create one. So, we brought in two Certified Information System Security Professionals (CISSP), one Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and 18-months later — Cyber Secure was born.


Speed to Respond

To address speed to response, our team built a US-based Security Operations Center (SOC) to operate our fully-managed SIEM. A fully-managed SIEM allows you to see everything that is going on within your network in real-time. If a hacker from Russia is trying to access your systems, our team will see it in real-time and be able to address it immediately. Thus reducing that 206 days of undetected vulnerability down to hours or minutes.


Adapting to Change

To adapt to the rapid changes in cyber threats, our team of security experts are constantly learning and watching industry trends. Unfortunately, the attack methods that criminals use to get new viruses into your business are targeted at you and your staff.

To arm your workforce, we designed an ongoing training program that educates end users on how to avoid the latest threats. Twice a month, you and your staff will receive short educational videos, games, and quizzes that will train you on how to identify threats.

By increasing the cyber threat awareness of the staff and keeping cybersecurity top of mind, you will create a security over convenience culture that improves the protection of your business and prevents your staff from becoming a victim — especially at home.

Total Protection

The weakest link in any cybersecurity strategy is the people. Out of all the successful cyberattacks, 95 percent of them were attributed to human error. The security awareness training program will significantly reduce this rate; however, human error is impossible to eliminate completely. In lieu of this fact, we asked ourselves, how can we ensure that end users are protected - even from themselves? We came up with the following services:
App Lockdown: We develop custom, company-specific data policies to regulate what applications are approved to run in your environment. By changing the security approach from “prevention” to “Only Allow”, we can eliminate nearly every possible vector for malware, ransomware and unauthorized processes to run.
Dark Web Scans (Monthly): Forget those ten-dollar monthly scanning services. Our scan takes traditional dark web scanning to the next level. We don’t just look at the main databases; we also look at the ones that require active memberships maintained with Bitcoin. Should your credentials find their way onto the dark web, we'll find it and immediately change that users credentials before they become a liability.
Quarterly Security Assessments: Once per quarter, we will do a complete audit of your systems. This will document all of the changes that have taken place and provide you with documentation of your company’s security posture.
Bi-Annual Vulnerability Testing: The best way to know if your security measures are working is to put them to the test. During our vulnerability testing, a Certified Ethical Hacker will attempt to penetrate your network using the same tactics that a vindictive hacker would use. Twice per year, you will receive a detailed report on how your organization did.  


Every business and employee deserves safety from cyber threats. Collectively, these services provide complete protection for any business. No watered-down packages here. Partial protection is unacceptable. That’s why we deliver these services as our standard Cyber Secure offering.

Cyber Secure has one mission — to make sure that none of our clients become contributors to the trillion-dollar cybercrime industry. Coincidentally, we also make them compliant with every security regulation out there.

If you know that your business is failing the SAT or you have no desire to contribute to the cybercrime industry, give us a call. Let our security experts do what they love to do, so you can get back to doing what you love to do.

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