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Posted by A-Jay Orr

Top Tech Mistakes Businesses Make

Despite your greatest attempts to make technology work for your business — it often ends up the root cause of your Monday morning migraine. You’ve spent thousands of dollars and have no idea whether you’ve invested in the right solutions. Your IT guy is constantly pushing you to buy new hardware or software, your budget is a best guess (which regularly stresses you out), and frankly — you just aren’t seeing the benefits. It could be that you’re making one of these top tech mistakes…

1. Impulsively Purchasing The Latest Trend

It’s easy to be wowed by the latest “cutting edge” technology. Even us pros find ourselves jawdropped and wide-eyed. But too many businesses jump to the conclusion they need the latest and greatest tech tool instead of focusing on the best fit for their organization. We’re all for early adoption of new technology — but only if it truly makes sense for your business goals. Slow down and really picture the new tech tool in your workplace. Does it directly or indirectly lower cost or increase revenue? The answer should be yes.

2. Failing to Focus on The Future

It’s natural to immediately jump to your current wants and needs when vetting a new piece of technology. But with an investment as large and important as your business technology, the future must play a larger part in the decision making process. Don’t waste time on technology that isn’t scalable and capable of supporting your organization as it grows and changes over time. You’ll risk never seeing a solid ROI.

3. Neglecting to Develop a Technology Roadmap

You wouldn’t start a business without first developing a business model, right? The same should apply to your technological investments. When properly planned and implemented, technology isn’t a headache — it’s an asset; an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

Start with a full technology assessment to determine where your current infrastructure stands. Identify your pain points and define your business goals. Create a wish list and prioritize needs versus wants. Set a budget, and align all technology decisions with this roadmap. Having a plan of action will prevent you from making impulsive decisions and will ensure your investments always support business objectives.

4. Not Involving Employees

Without employee buy-in, even the most exciting and sophisticated technology won’t deliver ROI. Your employees are the ones impacted daily by business technology. If it doesn’t make their life easier in some way, they will either rebel against using it, or begrudgingly comply (and likely complain later) — neither of which supports a positive or proficient work environment.

During your initial assessment, talk with department heads about what inefficiencies they struggle with. Ask for their opinion when vetting new technology. Most importantly, spend a substantial amount of time properly training all employees on how to use new technology before adoption is complete. They should fully understand how to implement features and functions prior to the business’s complete reliance on the technology.

To avoid ever making these top tech mistakes, consider working with a virtual CIO. vCIO’s are like built-in tour guides for the technology realm. They handle trend watching for you, and will ensure every technology decision you make aligns flawlessly with existing infrastructure and the business goals you’ve set for today, tomorrow and long into the future.