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Project Management Services

simpleplanIT is comprised of certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs), a globally recognized designation that illustrates our level of skill, dedication to industry best practices and ability to handle any type of project — large or small.

Our expertise extends far beyond the IT realm. No matter the project you wish to implement, we’ll manage all vendors, police budget and time requirements, and ensure all project phases are executed seamlessly so you can get back to doing what you do best — running your business.

Project Discovery

All simpleplanIT PMPs are excellent listeners and even better problem solvers. We hear you out, help you identify solutions and will not move forward with project planning until we share your vision for the end result.

Permissions Acquisition

In addition to managing project development and deployment, we also manage expectation. We will work closely with key stakeholders to showcase the overall value of your project, from investment to ROI, and we’ll acquire the necessary permissions to move forward. As the project unfolds, we will continue to communicate with stakeholders about the project’s progress.

Project Road-mapping

Project road-mapping will define the scope of the project, including cost and time constraints. We consider what components you already have, what components you’ll need, and any risks that may throw the project off course before we create a simple plan for roll-out. Next, we develop the roadmap for deployment, including a detailed breakdown of each step in the process and a schedule of activities.

Vendor Management

simpleplanIT will obtain and oversee all vendor involvement. This includes monitoring all working parts and pieces, conducting regular quality checks, approving and supervising any change controls and ensuring all members of the project team are performing according to the scope of the project and your expectations.

Quality Control

Projects are only deemed complete after we receive your final consent. Once acquired, simpleplanIT will coordinate the closure of the approved phase or project.

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