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CIO Services

IT done right the first time, every time…

simpleplanIT is the solution to your IT-induced stress. We help businesses:
  • Become flexible & scalable
  • Increase efficiency & productivity
  • Reduce overhead
  • Improve bottom line health
  • Achieve stress-free IT
  • Maintain competitive edge

IT Evaluation

For us to effectively do our jobs, we need to fully understand yours. A professional IT evaluation will allow us to become acquainted with your operation, assess current technology infrastructures, identify inefficiencies and conceptualize solutions.

IT Budgeting & Staffing

Using information we collect during your IT evaluation, simpleplanIT helps business owners decide which solutions best meet their goals and budget, and whether or not solutions should be acquired via a third-party vendor or in-house hire. We then assist with vetting candidates and suppliers to certify the right people are in place for your new IT plan.  

Strategic IT Planning

We take a forward-thinking approach when planning how technology will align with your business goals and budget to ensure the decisions we make today reinforce your future. All solutions are custom-fitted to support your every want, need and concern. With every IT project we plan, security and reliability are paramount.

Project Management

As your new IT plan begins to roll out, simpleplanIT will oversee every step of implementation to make certain new solutions are installed properly, on time and on budget. We critically analyze your new infrastructure to identify and fix discrepancies early-on, resulting in safe, reliable, stress-free solutions that work properly the first time.

Vendor Management

simpleplanIT requires a monthly report from each provider as part of our routine quality checks. We also mandate quarterly vendor meetings to review system performance. This enables us to identify any operational trends that could be hurting/helping your business, and spot any assets that may need replaced in the near future (before they create a problem).

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