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About simpleplanIT

simpleplanIT recognizes a fundamental problem all business owners face. As IT continues to change and increase in complexity, so does the responsibility of the business owner to manage a mounting list of IT vendors while trying to keep up with new technology trends.

To alleviate the stress and frustration associated with this feat, simpleplanIT acts as your organization’s IT department or Chief Information Officer. As CIO for your business, we shoulder the responsibility of aligning the right technology infrastructure with your goals and budget. We also coordinate and collaborate with all vendors for you, freeing you to focus on running your business.

Additionally, we are certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) with the expertise and experience to lead any type and size project, IT-related or otherwise.


What we do better than most is communicate…

We get that IT is foreign and confusing. Our mission is to take the confusion out of IT and show businesses that harnessing new technology can be practical, effective and simple. We speak IT language fluently, but we also know how to simplify the conversation in a way that business owners can understand. With every project we manage, our number one goal is to establish transparency, clarity and simplicity while delivering on what we believe are the two most important components of IT:

reliability & security

When you work with simpleplanIT

You will be assigned your own certified Project Management Professional (PMP) whom will personally spend time with you and your business to learn and understand it’s drive and ambitions. This expert will:

  • Evaluate existing technology and advise on how to improve IT to best meet business and budget goals.
  • Develop an IT plan that either solves or re-invents the way technology works for your organization.
  • Collaborate with only the most qualified IT vendors to ensure you receive the best solutions possible.
  • Orchestrate and manage deployment.
  • Monitor your IT and industry trends to ensure your infrastructure remains highly capable of supporting company growth and success.

Fast. Friendly. Dependable. Stress-free.

That’s simpleplanIT.