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What is the new way to do IT?

Technology is a major contributor to business success. It’s also growing increasingly more complex. Most CEO’s are limited in their understanding of technology. They may have IT people on staff to help make technology work, but lack a resource that will guarantee their investments are strategic, practical, and in full support of their business goals.

Hiring a dedicated Chief Information Officer (CIO) isn’t always realistic. But partnering with a virtual CIO is.

simpleplanIT is a vCIO provider that delivers the same expertise and management as a dedicated CIO, but without the overhead. We learn about your business, assess your current IT infrastructure, and create a strategic plan that will maximize the benefits of your current and future business technology to support sustainable growth, efficiency, and bottom line health.

simpleplanIT is vendor agnostic, which means we sit on your side of the table when vetting vendors. Our job is to make sure you aren’t investing in solutions that you don’t need.

Our Mission

Business technology is confusing. Our mission is to take the confusion out of IT and prove to business leaders that investing in new technology can be practical, effective, and stress-free.

simpleplanIT is a client-centric technology partner that prioritizes trust, transparency, and communication above all else. We don’t succeed unless the technology we put into place helps you succeed.